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Marketing That Works!

Work with a marketing and advertising agency that knows your industry as well as you do.

You can buy all of the dancing tube men and feather flags you want: getting people onto your lot takes a lot more than that these days. You need to meet your potential customers where they are, both in-person and online.

The days of placing obnoxious brightly colored ads in the local newspaper or classified ads are over. Your customers live on their mobile devices, and targeting them directly and precisely is easier than ever before (if you know what you’re doing, which we do).

Sure, there’s still value in traditional media methods like Television and Radio (and we can help you with those mediums), but making sure you have sound digital strategies in place to accompany those methods ensures you have a well-rounded approach that reaches your customers in their homes, on their devices, and on the go!

We know your business inside and out

Get the focused service and attention you deserve from a marketing agency that knows your industry


How do we know the automotive industry inside and out? It comes from actual real world experience!

Before becoming one of the founders and co-owners of Underground (and before spending a handful of years in digital marketing), Jerrod Lindblom was in the auto industry for almost a decade. He was involved in many aspects of dealership operations over his time in the industry, including Sales, Special Finance, Finance, and even on the desk as a Sales Manager.

These years of experience “in the trenches” of the automotive industry gives us a unique competitive advantage: we understand the intricacies and operations of the auto & RV business better than any agency you’re likely to work with, because we know what the day-to-day operations and lifecycles are like in your industry.

With years of practical knowledge in working with automotive and RV marketing, we’re able to learn your business, brand values, differentiators, and value statements quicker than a typical marketing firm, and we understand the intangibles and unexpected changes that you and your dealership (or dealership group) face as you continue to establish yourselves as the “go to” place for your city or region’s car and RV buying needs.

Want to talk to Jerrod and make sure he’s the real deal? Give him a call today at (509) 795-2008 Ext. 700 and he’ll be happy to chat with your about your dealership’s needs and see how we can help you take things to the next level!

Automotive Case study

Let us tell you about one of our clients.

Store #1, which has been around for more than a decade and is part of a multi-rooftop dealership group — and which was previously managed by a well-known national auto marketing firm — was doing okay with their existing marketing, but needed to take things to the next level.

In the two years since we’ve taken over their marketing, they’ve seen:

▲ Website Traffic Increase
0 %
▲ Organic Traffic Increase
0 %
▲ Event Engagement Increase
0 %
▲ Sales Increase
0 %
▲ Gross Profit Increase
0 %
▼ Bounce Rate Decrease
0 %

Store #2 is a newer store in the same dealership group. Since we took over two years ago (versus their previous marketing):

▲ Website Traffic Increase
0 %
▲ Organic Traffic Increase
0 %
▲ Click-to-Call Increase
0 %
▲ Sales Increase
0 %
▲ Gross Profit Increase
0 %

Why this matters:

At Underground, it’s important for us to see whether what we did actually increased leads and revenue in a tangible way. Let’s be honest: web traffic is great, but you can’t take that to the bank.

What does that mean to people who aren’t data nerds like we are?

For store #1, we increased traffic, increased top-of-mind awareness, increased actions like starting a chat, filling out a contact form, clicking to call while decreasing people leaving the site. We helped increase sales of an already established dealership, and gross profit went up almost 2 and a half times.

For store #2, we increased web traffic substantially, really helped increase top-of-mind awareness, drove more phone calls, and help dramatically increase sales and gross profit.

And we did all this during a pandemic.

While the dealerships were shut down periodically in 2020.

With a shortage of new vehicles.



“UC is doing a fantastic job handling our advertising and reputation management needs for our 5 automobile dealerships. With 5 locations and 9 franchises, the needs and requirements are quite complex. UC currently manages Paid Search, Paid Social Media Campaigns, Organic Social Media Management, Display Advertising, assists in Reputation Management, and purchasing and producing TV and Radio buys for most of our locations.

Their approach is forward-thinking and they have the ability to shift with constantly changing programs or even mid-month marketing agendas. Video and Audio recording quality is superior. The equipment and planning for video (including drone) capabilities and audio booth recordings are more convenient than the traditional methods with other agencies. We appreciate the attention to detail in placing advertising and the continuous monitoring of traffic/feedback among our websites and social media that allow us to make changes, sometimes daily.

The personal touch of monitoring media sites 24/7 to help with reputation management across multiple sites allows us to be proactive in correcting any complaints as well as managing our online presence. The amount of knowledge, effort, and skill UC provides our dealerships, gives us the key data needed to make sure we are placing marketing dollars in the right place at the right time.”

Katie Forney

Director of Operations
Speck Family Dealerships

Are your marketing dollars working as effectively as they should be?

If you can't answer yes to that question with 100% certainty, then it's time to schedule a consultation with us.

In order to play fair and not create any conflicts of interest, we only work with one dealership (or dealership group) in any given location at any time, due to the amount of data and information we have access to about your operations.

We invite you to act fast while your territory is still available, and take advantage of the expertise and experience of the team at Underground!

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