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eye candy


While stock photos are okay in a pinch, nothing beats the impact that the personal touch of custom photography adds to any project. Showing your products, your people, and your place of business off with high-resolution photos is a great way to help your potential customers and the general public feel like they know you before they ever have the chance to meet you or step foot inside your office.


my iphone photos are good enough, right?

Phones have incredible cameras these days, with tons of megapixels of data and even decent guesses at depth of field and light adjustment. But when it comes to making things look…well, picture perfect, there’s nothing quite like a solid professional camera, a well-trained eye for angles, quality lighting, and post production skills that an experienced photographer can bring to the table.

While any media production activity (like photos and video) require some planning and a decent budget, the dividends they pay can be unbelievable for your bottom line.

Say cheese

commercial photography

Capturing the essence of a person, place, or product in a single shot is not easy to do. But when it’s done well, it makes a huge difference. At Underground, we shoot Commercial Photography on a few different levels (literally):

Headshots: get quality photos of your team — as a group or individually — to use on your website, your business cards, your print and digital advertisements, or even the side of your vehicle!

Action Shots: use photography to help set the tone for your business, getting shots of your team, product, or offering in action. Candid moments captured by the lens can say a lot about you and your business.

Products: you’ve got something to sell, but need it to look its best for your catalog, e-commerce site, or advertisement. We can create styled backgrounds and environments that make your product pop off the page or screen.

Buildings & Landscapes: got a winery overlooking a scenic vineyard? Or an impressive office building you want to show off? Let us capture your property in a unique and picturesque light.

Aerial Photography: If you have a real estate listing that needs to show a large property off, or you’d like an iconic shot of a local landmark for your office, we can give you the perfect shot.

eye in the sky

Get a bird's eye view

If you know anything about photography, you know it’s all about perspective. While keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground can get you amazing photos, having the ability to get airborne can bring a whole new point of view. We are FAA Part 107 certified for commercial drone operations, and can deliver stunning photos (and video) from angles we used to only be able to dream of. Want to see the world from a whole new angle? Contact us to see how we can partner on your next project.

if it's gonna' be worth a thousand words...

…then you oughta’ do it right. We can bring your products and people to our studio, or bring our gear to you: either way, we’re able to capture whatever you need, wherever you need it. Contact us today to plan a shoot that will knock everyone’s proverbial socks off. (Because no one wants their *actual* socks knocked off. That’s uncomfortable.)